For Our Polish Friends “In the Name of God and for you Poland”

In The Name of God and for you Poland

This is a PDF (above) outlining various Polish aviation episodes including many photographs and artwork during World War II (wording is in Polish)

‘Polskie Siły Powietrzne’ was the name of the Polish Air Force formed in France and the United Kingdom during the Second World War. The core of the Polish air units, fighting alongside the Allies, were experienced veterans of the 1939 Invasion of Poland and significantly contributed to the Allied victory in the ‘Battle of Britain’ gaining a reputation for aggressive aerial fighting.

A total of 145 Polish fighter pilots served in the RAF during the ‘Battle of Britain’, making up the largest non-British contribution. By the end of the war, around 19,400 Poles were serving in the Polish Air Force in Great Britain and in RAF

By the time the ‘Battle of Britain’ had ended, the Poles had shot down around 20% of all Luftwaffe aircraft. “The experience of seeing their homeland at the mercy of the Germans had hardened the Poles and they were regarded by fellow pilots as more than usually concentrated and aggressive.” (Patrick Bishop)

On June 8, 1946, the Allies celebrated their World War II success with the London Victory Parade without Polish colours flying and without Polish military present. After having rendered the Allies momentous service, the Poles were excluded from this event.

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